Errno.h: no such file or directory

I’m trying to get my samsung ML 1670 printer working on a cups server running on slackware 14. The pdd files provided by samsung simply don’t work and unfortunately slackware does not provide an alternative. As a last resort I decided to try and compile splix, which claims to support my printer. There’s a slackbuild available.

I’m not making it easy on myself as usual, my slackware is very minimal. I use my own tailored tagfiles. As a result it’s always tricky to find all the missing packages at compile time. At one point I ran into the daunting errno.h: no such file or directory error. I could tell right away this was not a matter of running “slackpkg install errno”, it sounded way too essential for that.

I was right. All I could find on this particular error was that I needed to install both the kernel source and headers. Needless to say, a kernel update and a lot of reboots later, it still didn’t work. But running “slackpkg file-search errno.h” revealed some interesting information:

[ installed ] – kernel-headers-3.2.45-x86-3

[ installed ] – kernel-source-3.2.45-noarch-3

[uninstalled] – dev86-0.16.17-x86_64-2

[ uninstalled ] – glibc-2.15-x86_64-7

[uninstalled] – libnl3-3.2.11-x86_64-1

[uninstalled] – tetex-3.0-x86_64-8

Installing glibc did the trick. Hope that saves you a long search.

Also, what was I thinking, not installing glibc…

August 08 2013 04:14 pm | Tech

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